Friday, July 15, 2011

the rest of june and first of july

I love summer! We've been having to much and keeping busy. Hence the overload of pictures.

We had a ward party and the young women did face paintings and Easton was a HUGE fan. I can't remember, but I think this is a green cat, Easton's request.

And then he asked for a butterfly for the other cheek. He tried really hard to get Donovan to get his face painted, but D wasn't having it.

Jonny was sweet enough to take the boys and watch them while I played in a volleyball tournament. They had a little park there and he took them on this swing thingy and they LOVED it!

Seriously. Loved it.

Easton did gymnastics in June, too! He was a big fan and it was a great way to release some of that energy he has. It was so fun for me to go watch him too. I'm such a proud little momma.

Look who's parents finally decided not to be total losers and got the training wheels for his bike!! He is a big fan. I think if he could do this all day every day, he would.

We had a small little bbq w/some friends for the Fourth of July and they brought some fireworks to shoot off. Here are all the kids lined up watching. So cute!

Easton w/his sparkler.

Then we drove up to White Mountain to watch the show the city put on. It was pretty good and fun to go watch it from the mountain.

And then last Saturday my parents came for the day! We decided to drive out to Flaming Gorge since we'd never been. It was pretty fun. Both my parents had been there tons of time growing up and it was so fun to see my dad so excited to tell us about the places he'd been and his memories.

And this last picture is how we found Donovan asleep one night at 10:30. It's at the middle of our stairs so on the left they go down and on the right they go up (does that makes sense??). But the lights on the stairs were off and I was going upstairs and almost tripped over him. It scared me a bit at first cause I thought maybe he had fallen down, but once I realized he was breathing I thought it was hilarious. He is such a little stinker.

Monday, June 13, 2011

june so far

Here are some pics I've taken in the last few weeks. Nothing monumental, but a few ones I thought were cute!

The boys woke up one morning and went straight downstairs and turned the tv on. I heard it and came down and this is how I found them. What's funny is that the tv was on like animal planet, or something like that, from the night before. Haha.

And we've had a few days that have been nice enough to put up the kiddie pool.

The other days the boys were in a dress-up mood. Easton was trying to re-create this picture and kept telling Donovan to give him a hug, but D wasn't having it.

And then about five minutes later, they were in their super hero capes.

And then later that day, the boys threw a bunch of blankets and pillows and pretty much anything soft they could find onto the base of the stairs and called it their "trampolene" and jumped off the stairs onto it. Well while I was in my room getting ready, D said he was gonna go get his blanky and he didn't come back for a few minutes. I found him here. :)

And that's pretty much all that's been going on w/us for the last few weeks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

a couple big boys and weekend

I've got a couple of big boys in the house! Last week we converted Baby D's crib into a big boy bed after Jonny found him trying to climb out one morning. He really does think he's so big now and has done pretty good in it. Every morning he wakes up and comes into our room and yells, "I awake!".

This is his first night in the bed. I couldn't get him to put the gun down for the pic. Apparently he thought he needed a little extra protection. :)

We have finally had a few days nice enough to play outside and I got a few pics of the boys w/their tractors.

And our other big boy graduated from preschool last week! I seriously cried during the little ceremony. I'm so sad that my boy is going to kindergarten in the fall! It's gonna be crazy not having him around all day. :(

For memorial day weekend, Jonny's fam came into town. It was fun getting to see them. Jonny's dad had a new tent he was dying to try out and he promised the boys to let them stay in it one night. D doesn't look happy here, but he got excited after a few minutes. He really doesn't cry all the time, I promise!! :)

Then Saturday we went shooting. It was super fun! Here's a few pics of that.

Hottie hottie!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My Easton is officially 5 years old! After many many weeks of impatient waiting on his part, I might add. The poor kid had to survive 3 cousins', 1 brother's, 1 grandma's , and 1 uncle's birthdays before it was finally his day. He had the hardest time this year waiting! But I think it was worth the wait. He got to celebrate last weekend w/his cousin Conner, who he idolizes and then on his actual birthday he had a little playdate party. Now for the pics!

We had a pizza lunch at a park while we were in Utah.

Easton w/his idol ready to open some presents!


G.I. JOES!!!

D had a hard time for a bit. haha

After lunch, we all went to Trafalga.

on the carousel

Easton loved the airplane ride!

The night before Easton's bday, Jonny and I decorated the living room. I blew up 75 balloons (w/an air compressor luckily) and filled the room w/them. We were SO excited to see Easton's reaction. I think Jonny and I had as much fun on his bday as he did. :)

And his big present was the bike so we had it out for him.

So you can't tell here, but he really was excited when he came down on his bday and saw it all! So worth it!

Daddy went and got them donuts for his bday breakfast. Here's D enjoying his...or just the frosting off of it cause that's how he rolls.

For his playdate, all the kids made monsters. Here's a pic of all the cuties showing them off.

We finished the night off w/dinner at McDonalds. I would say that Easton had a pretty good birthday. It was fun taking a day to just celebrate him and spoil him more than normal.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

backtracking a bit to VEGAS

I don't know how I forgot to blog about our trip to Vegas!! It's pretty much the most exciting thing we've done as a family. It was our first "real" fam vacation. It was so much fun! We went w/my bro Preston's fam and my mom even got to come which was so so fun because Easton and Donovan ADORE their cousin Conner and Grandma and of course the rest of the fam. But it was so fun to have a buddy for Easton. Here are some pics! There's a ton.

The boys being entertained why we shopped the outlet malls.

Seriously, look how much Easton loves Conner.

At the Shark Reef w/the golden crocodile.

Conner had a Flat Stanley he took pics with and Easton had to get in on it.

It seriously took me a while to get up the courage to touch these sting ray things. I'm a wuss.

D however would've dove in and gone swimming with them if they had let him.

In front of the octopus.

The four kiddos.

At the M&M factory.

Easton was ready to fight when the pirate handed him the sword. I think Jack Sparrow was a little scared.

At the Dolphin Habitat/Big Cat Reserve. Probably my fav of the week.

With my boys.

You can't see it, but there's a white lion right behind Easton. Jonny told Easton to make his "Grr Face". This is it. :)

We had a pool at our resort and it had a little beachy area that the boys LOVED! Here is easton in his speedo that I adore.

Baby D had so much fun. He kept throwing the ball and trying to kick it. I loved watching them play in the pool.

The boys crashed SO hard every night.

Had to get some pics in front of the Vegas sign.