Monday, April 19, 2010


Baby D is one! Our family came into town last weekend to celebrate his birthday and it was so fun to have them here! Donovan was so happy and loved having so many people around. He loved his cupcake and his presents. Thanks fam for coming and helping us celebrate!!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

as per chanel's request...

New pics!! Seriously it's been a while, eh?? So this post is FULL of random pics from the last two months.

I went and visited my mom last month and Easton was supposed to be sleeping in my mom's room and came out like this. Makeup on the eyes and chocolate on the face.

And we got this walker from one of my mom's friends while we were there. Donovan LOVED it!!

Two brothers relaxing at grandma's house.

Jonny and my dad made a book shelf for our play room. Easton thought it'd make a good place to take a nap.

Jonny built the boys this sweet fort. He was just trying to one-up the one I made that was about 1/6 of the size.

Easton in the fort.

Our fantasic friends were awesome enough to take us along on their annual family Easter egg hunt. They had this sweet tractor that Easton loved!

And this even sweeter wagon that they both adored!!

Then later we went to the Durrant's house for some egg dying.

Enjoying some ice cream...

...and french fries.

JENNIE came into town w/Tori last week and we stopped by the temple.

Easton loved these 3D glasses Aunt Jennie let him borrow.

D on the tire swing.