Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easton's Week

While I've been busy w/Donovan, Easton's been enjoying his toys, movies, and his grandparents. He hasn't seemed too jealous yet, but I have a feeling that once the grandmas go home, it'll be a little bit hard on him. But he's still been super cute and full of energy for them. Here's some pics of him from the last week.

He pretty much thinks that everything is his and makes himself at home with all of Donovan's stuff.

Grandpa helped him build a race track for his cars.

He wanted grandpa to hold him like Donovan.

One Week Old!

I can't believe that my new little handsome is one week old! He has already changed a lot and it has gone by super fast! He has been a pretty good baby and I think is starting to get on a better sleeping pattern. He actually slept for about 4 1/2 hours straight last night. Thankfully, I've had a ton of help w/him and Easton. My mom was here all last week and Jonny's mom is here this week and I'm so appreciative to them for that! Here's a bunch of pics of Donovan from the last week.

Baby Donovan and Daddy.

Sleeping. That's pretty much all he does...except at night.

Easton barely even notices he has a brother most the time, but when he does, it's super cute. (Notice his hair pretty much hasn't been done at all in the last week.)

Donovan w/his eyes open in one of the onesies my mom and I made for him. (He broke blood vessels in his eyes during the delivery, so that's what the red in them is.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Donovan!

Our new baby Donovan Haws Cochran is here! He was born April 20 at 4:34 pm and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. Everything went well and we are happy at home enjoying him and love him SO SO much!

Just after his bath.

Daddy loving up on him.

Easton enjoying his new brother.