Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I am so excited! I decided to start my own little etsy shop. I'm selling homemade onesies [similar to some of the ones Donovan's been sporting]. I am just getting started so it's still pretty small, but to [hopefully] help jumpstart things, I am participating in a HUGE giveaway here. There are tons of cool things to win, including the cupcake onesie pictured above that I've donated in size 0-3 months. [The cute little model is my neice, Taya. So cute!. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last night we gave Easton a bath and after I took him out and dried him up and put his diaper on him, I got up to feed Donovan. Well after a few minutes Jonny and I looked over to see this:

Too precious! Easton has never just fallen asleep in a random spot. It was like 7:30, too! So we carried him to bed and enjoyed a nice, quiet evening.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July + 2 Baby Blessings + Family = FUN [and tons of pics!]

We had such an amazing weekend! All of my fam was in town and some of Jonny's fam was here for Donovan's blessing on Sunday. My brother Preston also blessed his baby Taya and it was so fun! Saturday we had a big BBQ w/both families and played some street hockey.

Easton really wanted to get in the game!


We went and watched the Meridian fireworks that night. (I look super tired! It had been a long day.)

Easton loved them!

Our fam after Baby D's blessing on Sunday.

I had to get a pick of Tori and Donovan's matching outfits! Jonny and I gave Tori hers and Brandon and Jennie gave D'Van his. Fun fun!

And of course we had to get all three of the newest babies together! Taya, Tori, and Donovan. (Gary and Tara's baby Cody coming soon! And Jonny's brother Adam's baby Jack also coming soon!)

Love this pic of Easton!

After dinner on Sunday, my fam hung out at Gary's place and lit our own fireworks. Cute cousins enjoying them!

Easton liked watching them from a "safe" distance. He didn't want to get too close.

We had fun w/sparklers.

Sweet star.
All my fam was able to stay until Monday. SO SO FUN!

D'Van the stud!

My cute boys!

So Monday Easton just absolutely fell in love w/Tori! He kept giving her kisses and wanted to hold her all morning. Poor Tori!

My Easton!

To end the fun weekend, we all went to the Olive Garden. Here are all the babies!