Monday, June 13, 2011

june so far

Here are some pics I've taken in the last few weeks. Nothing monumental, but a few ones I thought were cute!

The boys woke up one morning and went straight downstairs and turned the tv on. I heard it and came down and this is how I found them. What's funny is that the tv was on like animal planet, or something like that, from the night before. Haha.

And we've had a few days that have been nice enough to put up the kiddie pool.

The other days the boys were in a dress-up mood. Easton was trying to re-create this picture and kept telling Donovan to give him a hug, but D wasn't having it.

And then about five minutes later, they were in their super hero capes.

And then later that day, the boys threw a bunch of blankets and pillows and pretty much anything soft they could find onto the base of the stairs and called it their "trampolene" and jumped off the stairs onto it. Well while I was in my room getting ready, D said he was gonna go get his blanky and he didn't come back for a few minutes. I found him here. :)

And that's pretty much all that's been going on w/us for the last few weeks.


amber schmidt said...

OMG so cute! I love how Donavan still sits in his bumbo! lol My boys play dress up all the time too...If only you lived closer.... :)

Jessica said...

That is too cute! Our boys do all of those same things, they seriously would make the best friends!

Jennie said...

I particularly like the glove Easton is sporting in the first picture....cant really watch tv without your glove!

Ruth said...

SOOO cute!! LOVE the kiddy pool and super hero pics!! CUTE boys!