Monday, January 16, 2012

oh ya!

Here's our Christmas card! Super late. :)


I have a lot more pics from December.

Love this cute boy!!

Grandpa and Grandma came down for a visit to babysit our kids while we got to go to some Christmas parties. They are THE BEST!!

One of the parties was an ugly sweater christmas party. These were our picks. Jonny's won ugliest sweater. haha

Seriously, I love this sweet face.

On Christmas Eve the boys got to open their jammies.

Their new Christmas jammies.

Christmas morning!! D admiring his popcorn machine from Santa. The thing he asked over and over for.

LOVE this excitement! Easton has got to be the funnest person to watch open presents cause he get SO excited over everything. For example, this pic is him w/a lufa from Santa. haha!

He got the rest of the chipmunks.

And a pillow pet...the kitty...just what he asked for. haha

Believe it or not, this is Donovan's excited face!! haha

Opening a present.

Look at that face!

and for some reason, Donovan decided to smile like this for the week. This is his "cheese" face. :) And this is a pic of the boys making a gingerbread house w/grandma. The boys loved it!

New Year's Eve w/my honey.

This is how D rang in the new year. He ALMOST made it til midnight. It was seriously like 11:55 when we fell asleep. :)

Big man made it all the way past midnight!

Well that kind of catches us up in a fast way. It's been a busy, fun 6 months and I'm sad I had to speed through it that way but there's a glimpse. It makes me even sadder to be moving away from the amazing friends we've made here!


I don't have hardly any pics from November. I'm gonna say it must be cause I was getting busy w/my Etsy shop. :) We did get some snow and I captured a few shots of my little studs playing in it.


I found my two little munchkins in the linen closet like this one day. They had emptied the bottom shelf and decided to make their own bunkbeds. They're so innovative. :)

This year for Halloween, Easton was Ironman and D was Spiderman. They are still wearing their costumes.

Iron Man showing us some muscle.

Brits planned a fun ziplining trip w/Jonny and me. It was a first for me and pretty fun. It was in Provo Canyon and I can see how it would be more appealing in the forests of Mexico or somewhere exotic. haha

I have the funnest group of friends here! Once a month we have a game night and for October we did costumes! So fun! I found a sweet LITTLE ninja turtle number at the thrift store.
Two of my fav gals!!
A few more of my fav gals! :)


My little man started Kindergarten in September. It was a difficult few weeks saying goodbye to my little stud, but it's gotten much better and he loves school!

This might've been from August...probably. But we went w/a bunch of friends to Bear Lake and had so much fun! Sadly, this is the only pic we got.

a million pics...starting w/august

So I'm just going to drive right in starting with August. It's so weird looking at these pics from when the boys were swimming and it was warm out. We spent a lot of time at our friend's swimming pool.

Donovan had the cojones in the fam.

Meanwhile, Easton spent a lot of his time at the shallow end. :)

The fair came to town and the boys loved the petting zoo part of it.

And the best part was the ferris wheel.