Thursday, May 19, 2011


My Easton is officially 5 years old! After many many weeks of impatient waiting on his part, I might add. The poor kid had to survive 3 cousins', 1 brother's, 1 grandma's , and 1 uncle's birthdays before it was finally his day. He had the hardest time this year waiting! But I think it was worth the wait. He got to celebrate last weekend w/his cousin Conner, who he idolizes and then on his actual birthday he had a little playdate party. Now for the pics!

We had a pizza lunch at a park while we were in Utah.

Easton w/his idol ready to open some presents!


G.I. JOES!!!

D had a hard time for a bit. haha

After lunch, we all went to Trafalga.

on the carousel

Easton loved the airplane ride!

The night before Easton's bday, Jonny and I decorated the living room. I blew up 75 balloons (w/an air compressor luckily) and filled the room w/them. We were SO excited to see Easton's reaction. I think Jonny and I had as much fun on his bday as he did. :)

And his big present was the bike so we had it out for him.

So you can't tell here, but he really was excited when he came down on his bday and saw it all! So worth it!

Daddy went and got them donuts for his bday breakfast. Here's D enjoying his...or just the frosting off of it cause that's how he rolls.

For his playdate, all the kids made monsters. Here's a pic of all the cuties showing them off.

We finished the night off w/dinner at McDonalds. I would say that Easton had a pretty good birthday. It was fun taking a day to just celebrate him and spoil him more than normal.


amber schmidt said...

Can't believe he is 5! Now you have kindergarten to look forward too!!!

Jessica said...

That is so freaking cute! I'll bet you and Jonny are the funnest parents ever! Little D is so cute and looking more like his big bro! I can't believe Easton is 5. I still remember getting the phone call from Jonny when he was born. Is the last time we saw you guys when we met Easton? That is ridiculous(sp?)!!! Our little boys would be best buds. We need to get together ASAP! Miss you guys!


Looks like he had a great birthday. I can't believe he is already 5. Time goes by so fast. Hope you are all doing well. Miss seeing you guys.

Johnathan and Mackenzie said...

I can't believe you have a five year old! We are getting so old! haha. Cute family and pictures, miss you.