Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's been a while...which seems to be a common theme among my blog posts. I'll try to do better. With that said, I really want to upload some new pics and {hopefully} get around to making a new blog header. If you'll look up, you'll notice that ours still doesn't even include Baby D. He's almost 2. I'm all sorts of awesome.

But really not a whole lot has been going on here. We're just trying to survive this Wyoming winter, which has been not so fun. We did hear that we will be moving to McCall in the next 6 months or so which is both exciting and scary. I'm super excited to be moving back to Idaho. But it's also scary cause we have to worry about selling our house now. I do have to take a sec to give a little shout out to Jonny. He's kind of fantastic. He's only been working here for about 6 months and has already been promoted! I'm so so proud of him and grateful beyond words to have him as my hubs and the daddy to my babies!

Well now for the pics! Mostly random ones I liked that we've taken in the last few months.

{We cannot remember where this was taken cause we don't recognize that headboard, but I thought it was precious nonetheless.}

{For New Year's Eve this year we played karaoke for hours! Thanks Pres and Mandy!}

{Our little snuggle bugs!}

{We went and visited Jonny's bro's fam in January and they took Easton out shooting. He loved it!}


{One of the boys' fav things to do is take a bath.}

{And this last Sunday we decided to take a drive and go see what's around this area...which was kinda disappointing cause there wasn't much. But we did go on some back roads and got to take the boys mudding for their first time. They LOVED it! As did I. It was the first time I've been since high school. I think I will def always be a small town girl at heart.}