Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday, I put a movie on for Easton and left the room so I could do a few chores. When I came back about 10 minutes later to check on him, this is how I found him.

He had gone into his room and gotten his pillow, blanket, and frog to snuggle up with to watch his movie. Love him!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ward Party

My new calling in our ward is on the Activities Committee and last Saturday we put on a ward party. It was themed "So You Think Your Ward Has Talent" and it was kinda like an "un-talent" show where memebers of the ward did fun stuff like skits and dances. Well I decided to volunteer Jonny to do some breakdancing, since he used to do it back in the day. He was not super excited about it, but agreed as long as I let him take Easton on stage w/him to kinda distract from him. Jonny was really nervous cause he did used to be pretty good and he can't do a lot of the stuff he used to be able to do (luckily, Jonny never looks at our blog so I can say that). But he was really cute practicing w/Easton and Easton would get really into it, but of course the night of the performance he got too scared and kinda just stood on stage next to him. It was still lots of fun and everyone loved it! I actually had to be on stage to make sure Easton didn't get kicked in the face, so my brother took a few pics. Most of them turned out blury (cause Jonny moves so fast, haha!), but here's a few we got.

I know this one's super blury, but you can at least get an idea of what he's doing.

Jonny is spinning Easton around on the floor, which he actually does at home and Easton loves! But when he got up after doing it this time he was a little off-balance and dizzy.

This is after they did their performance (Jonny was SUPER glad to be done).

So this is a random pic, but Jonny got me this eliptical for my birthday and I've been trying to teach Easton not to play on it. Well, when I was uploading the pics from the breakdancing, I saw this one of Easton jumping off of it (along w/many others) that Gary had taken when he was babysitting for us. haha. Gotta love those uncles! I thought it was funny.