Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last night was our ward trunk or treat. Jonny thought it'd be fun to decorate his truck, so we carved a few pumpkins and made a spooky pumpkin patch. When we showed up to the party, hardly anyone decorated their trunks so we impressed a lot of people.

Can you guess which ones Jonny did and which ones I did?? I was more about getting them done fast whereas Jonny wanted his to actually look good.

This is Easton's preschool teacher Miss Lilly.

My cute little animals.

I was pretty excited that Easton's favorite was the lightning bolt that I made. Only because it slightly resembles both Lightning McQeen and Bolt.

SOO cute!

Donovan just kept hugging Easton like this for like 5 minutes. And Easton kept saying, "I love you, too Zaboomafoo."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Nothing too exciting has been going on here, but I thought I'd update w/some pics...which are on a backwards timeline. I forget how to use blogger sometimes.

When we moved into our house, there was a little garden and we had one little pumpkin growing. Jonny picked it about a week ago because it's so cold here, but every day since then Easton's been begging to carve it. Last night we finally did!

Easton drawing the face on.

Baby D pulling out the nasties.

He concentrated sooo hard on getting it done.

Easton's favorite part were all the seeds.

Donovan eating it.

For some reason, I thought it'd be nice to move our tv into our bedroom so that the main floor would stay cleaner. It does, but now our room's always a disaster. I'll take it I guess. Here are my boys watching football.

Thug nasties.

Easton was sharing the chair.

My parents came to visit a few weekends ago! The boys loved having their grandma and grandpa here!

The townhouse connected to us is vacant and we heard a bunch of alarms going off so we called the firemen to come check it out. Easton and Donovan loved it...

...moreso Easton.

These boys...gotta love 'em!

The college here has a cool dinosaur display and some replicas of other stuff. Kinda neat. Here's Jonny making any situation an inappropriate one. Haha.

and the t-rex. easton's fav!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preschool. What What!

I don't know if anyone even visits this blog anymore since it's been a few months since I posted. BUT we have had tons going on, which I'm going to have to blog about later because this post is all about EASTON! He started preschool last week! It makes me feel old. But he's adorable when he goes and he loves it.

First: Showing off his new transformers backpack that is just like his cousin, Conner's. [I wanted to get pics of him, but he wouldn't let me til we got one of his backpack.]
Second: Easton chose this location for his "first day of school pic". In the garage amongst all the crap we were refinishing for the house. Good choice, I'd say.
Third: In front of the preschool. He just looks so old to me in this pic.
Fourth: Walking up to the door. And now he looks tiny w/that huge backpack on!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Easton behind the camera...

Easton's just recently decided that he's an expert on taking pics so I've been letting take over the camera a bit. Here's a few of his first ones.

I think this ones kinda cool. His self-portrait.

And a pic of his baby brother.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My little Easton is 4! How did that happen?? To celebrate, we had a birthday party w/his buddy Landon. We had lots of friends and some family that we were lucky enough to have come! It was a lot fun!

We got an Iron Man pinata. Easton was pretty excited about it and after the party was over he kept asking where it was. I guess he got distracted w/what happened to it once he saw all the candy.

Amber and I made super hero capes for all the kids. Easton LOVES his!

Donovan really likes his, too. He was just ready for bed.

Easton got a total of four monster trucks for his birthday and he couldn't have been happier! He's been in love w/them ever since Jonny took him to the Monster Jam show a few months ago.

Since the day of the party wasn't his actual bday, we gave him his presents from us the next day. He was SOO excited to get El Toro Loco (Monster Truck).

Opening "little Mac". He's been asking for this one since he saw his friends at a super bowl party.

And Donovan wasn't super interested in Easton's presents. Haha. I love that he was sitting here just like Jonny. So funny!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hair Cut

Donovan definitely was in need of a hair cut. I've been so scared to mess it up that I've put it off but I finally decided to just do it. It was his first one.



He looks like a little boy now and not a baby! It makes me so sad to think how fast he's grown up!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thanks SOOOO much, Mom!!!

I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my mom! She came up and stayed w/us for a few weeks to "help" me reupholster our couch and loveseat. (And by 'help' I mean I sat and talked to her while she did all the work). But she did an awesome job and we love them! I still have to redo the pillows so we're not completely done yet, but I thought I better show off my mom's handy work before they're all stained up. I forgot to take pics before she redid them so I found some old ones so you can kind of get the idea.



Thanks, Mom!! It was so fun having you here and we really appreciate the work you did!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Baby D is one! Our family came into town last weekend to celebrate his birthday and it was so fun to have them here! Donovan was so happy and loved having so many people around. He loved his cupcake and his presents. Thanks fam for coming and helping us celebrate!!

(Click on image to see bigger.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

as per chanel's request...

New pics!! Seriously it's been a while, eh?? So this post is FULL of random pics from the last two months.

I went and visited my mom last month and Easton was supposed to be sleeping in my mom's room and came out like this. Makeup on the eyes and chocolate on the face.

And we got this walker from one of my mom's friends while we were there. Donovan LOVED it!!

Two brothers relaxing at grandma's house.

Jonny and my dad made a book shelf for our play room. Easton thought it'd make a good place to take a nap.

Jonny built the boys this sweet fort. He was just trying to one-up the one I made that was about 1/6 of the size.

Easton in the fort.

Our fantasic friends were awesome enough to take us along on their annual family Easter egg hunt. They had this sweet tractor that Easton loved!

And this even sweeter wagon that they both adored!!

Then later we went to the Durrant's house for some egg dying.

Enjoying some ice cream...

...and french fries.

JENNIE came into town w/Tori last week and we stopped by the temple.

Easton loved these 3D glasses Aunt Jennie let him borrow.

D on the tire swing.