Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Day

It has been so nice not having Jonny in school! We have been able to spend so much more time as a family. It was especially nice having a three day weekend. Jonny's parents were in town today and we went to Settler's Park w/them for a picnic and Easton LOVED the splash pad there. Sadly, I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pics. But it was tons of fun. Then we brought Easton home for a nap and had to say goodbye to Jonny's parents. After Easton's nap we decided to start enjoying our passes to Roaring Springs. Easton was so funny to watch. Last year when we'd go, he didn't really do a lot and was kind of a wuss, but today he got so into it!

Easton loved this slide and went down it over and over again.

I love how his hands are out trying to protect him from the water!

Such a cheeser!

This is Easton's attempt to swimming...he really did think he was swimming, though.

Donovan was an angel. This is all he did the whole time we were there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easton's Birthday

I seriously cannot believe I have a 3 year old! The time has gone by SO fast! Here's some pics from his birthday.

For Easton's birthday, we got him this little chair. He always stands right next to the tv to watch his movies (probably cause our tv is so small). But we got him this so hopefully he won't feel the need to stand so close. He's loved it so far!

Opening his present from Grandma Cochran.

She got him some books. This was one of Jonny's favs when he was little (Where the Wild Things Are) and Easton already loves it! Thanks, Grandma!

We finished the day by having dinner w/Gary and Tara and playing a little Wii baseball. Easton LOVED it!

Easton's Party

This weekend we did a joint bday party w/Easton's little buddy Landon. It was tons of fun!

Jonny got all the kids a little "bling" to wear. It was too funny!

Easton blowing out his candles w/Landon.

Loving his cupcake!

He got a pair of sunglasses from his friend McKenna and loves them!
P.S. There was a pinata and that is why Easton is sporting a bandana in most the pics. I guess he didn't feel it necessary to take it off.

I was super blessed and got to go spend almost two weeks with my parents while Jonny was finishing up school. It was no fun being away from Jonny, but it was great spending time with my parents and sis and they were so much help! And Jonny got a chance to study hard and finished up his Masters!!! I am so proud of him and we're so happy he's done!! Anyways, here's some pics from my parents house.

Easton had so much fun w/my dad! They did tons of fun stuff. Easton found his musical side while we were there. He loved playing the piano w/Grandpa!

My mom loved playing grandma and my boys loved being there w/her!

I think Donovan looks like my brother Brandon in this pic. Here is a pic of him as a baby. What do you think?

And here's just one of my favs of Easton from the trip. What a stud!