Friday, July 15, 2011

the rest of june and first of july

I love summer! We've been having to much and keeping busy. Hence the overload of pictures.

We had a ward party and the young women did face paintings and Easton was a HUGE fan. I can't remember, but I think this is a green cat, Easton's request.

And then he asked for a butterfly for the other cheek. He tried really hard to get Donovan to get his face painted, but D wasn't having it.

Jonny was sweet enough to take the boys and watch them while I played in a volleyball tournament. They had a little park there and he took them on this swing thingy and they LOVED it!

Seriously. Loved it.

Easton did gymnastics in June, too! He was a big fan and it was a great way to release some of that energy he has. It was so fun for me to go watch him too. I'm such a proud little momma.

Look who's parents finally decided not to be total losers and got the training wheels for his bike!! He is a big fan. I think if he could do this all day every day, he would.

We had a small little bbq w/some friends for the Fourth of July and they brought some fireworks to shoot off. Here are all the kids lined up watching. So cute!

Easton w/his sparkler.

Then we drove up to White Mountain to watch the show the city put on. It was pretty good and fun to go watch it from the mountain.

And then last Saturday my parents came for the day! We decided to drive out to Flaming Gorge since we'd never been. It was pretty fun. Both my parents had been there tons of time growing up and it was so fun to see my dad so excited to tell us about the places he'd been and his memories.

And this last picture is how we found Donovan asleep one night at 10:30. It's at the middle of our stairs so on the left they go down and on the right they go up (does that makes sense??). But the lights on the stairs were off and I was going upstairs and almost tripped over him. It scared me a bit at first cause I thought maybe he had fallen down, but once I realized he was breathing I thought it was hilarious. He is such a little stinker.


Jennie said...

Looks like a blast! Rocksprings actually seems a lot more fun than I've been hearing : ) I might add that Mom and Dad are cute all snuggly in the pics!

nicwoo said...

Fun, I love places like Flaming Gorge. Plus, I am going to have to figure out how to get one of those swings!