Monday, April 28, 2008

A little ride...

Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday out on the patio since the weather was so nice. Easton LOVES being outside and was having a blast. Instead of riding his little tricycle, he was pushing it around so I thought, "Why waste it. I'll hop on for a ride." He thought it was hilarious. I realized I didn't fit on it and was probably close to breaking it, but he thought it was so funny I had to keep doing it!
So the other day Easton was in my room playing on my bed while I was doing a little cleaning and he started chatting away. I look over and see this:

I wonder where he gets it?? haha!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Jonny's mom and brother were in town a few weekends ago and Karma decided to take her fav grandson (and only) to the zoo. Easton liked it alright, but what he loved was the giraffe slide! Poor Uncle Tyson got worn out taking him up it over and over and over again!

So we've started blogging!

Due to requests from various friends and family members, we've decided to start a blog. I'll be honest, though. Not very many fun and interesting things happen in our lives. Just typical day-to-day life stuff. Of course we think that every little thing Easton does is adorable so most likely that's what'll get posted. It should be fun, though!