Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Nothing too exciting has been going on here, but I thought I'd update w/some pics...which are on a backwards timeline. I forget how to use blogger sometimes.

When we moved into our house, there was a little garden and we had one little pumpkin growing. Jonny picked it about a week ago because it's so cold here, but every day since then Easton's been begging to carve it. Last night we finally did!

Easton drawing the face on.

Baby D pulling out the nasties.

He concentrated sooo hard on getting it done.

Easton's favorite part were all the seeds.

Donovan eating it.

For some reason, I thought it'd be nice to move our tv into our bedroom so that the main floor would stay cleaner. It does, but now our room's always a disaster. I'll take it I guess. Here are my boys watching football.

Thug nasties.

Easton was sharing the chair.

My parents came to visit a few weekends ago! The boys loved having their grandma and grandpa here!

The townhouse connected to us is vacant and we heard a bunch of alarms going off so we called the firemen to come check it out. Easton and Donovan loved it...

...moreso Easton.

These boys...gotta love 'em!

The college here has a cool dinosaur display and some replicas of other stuff. Kinda neat. Here's Jonny making any situation an inappropriate one. Haha.

and the t-rex. easton's fav!

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Looks like everything is going great for you guys there. I can't believe how much your boys have changed. They look so much bigger.