Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last night was our ward trunk or treat. Jonny thought it'd be fun to decorate his truck, so we carved a few pumpkins and made a spooky pumpkin patch. When we showed up to the party, hardly anyone decorated their trunks so we impressed a lot of people.

Can you guess which ones Jonny did and which ones I did?? I was more about getting them done fast whereas Jonny wanted his to actually look good.

This is Easton's preschool teacher Miss Lilly.

My cute little animals.

I was pretty excited that Easton's favorite was the lightning bolt that I made. Only because it slightly resembles both Lightning McQeen and Bolt.

SOO cute!

Donovan just kept hugging Easton like this for like 5 minutes. And Easton kept saying, "I love you, too Zaboomafoo."


Adam and Kennan said...

LOVE the hugging adorable! haha

Jennie said...

Hahahaha, "Zaboomafoo!" love it! You guys did a ton of pumpkins!

nicwoo said...

Love that last line! I think I have "I like to move it, move it" stuck in my head though :)

Bill said...

Sure, tell us he's hugging? Donovan looks like he has Easton in a basic wrestling take-down move. They sure are cute.