Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preschool. What What!

I don't know if anyone even visits this blog anymore since it's been a few months since I posted. BUT we have had tons going on, which I'm going to have to blog about later because this post is all about EASTON! He started preschool last week! It makes me feel old. But he's adorable when he goes and he loves it.

First: Showing off his new transformers backpack that is just like his cousin, Conner's. [I wanted to get pics of him, but he wouldn't let me til we got one of his backpack.]
Second: Easton chose this location for his "first day of school pic". In the garage amongst all the crap we were refinishing for the house. Good choice, I'd say.
Third: In front of the preschool. He just looks so old to me in this pic.
Fourth: Walking up to the door. And now he looks tiny w/that huge backpack on!


Jennie said...

First: don't say you feel old old cuz we haven't gotten there yet and I already feel old. Second: rocks? In rocksprings? Third: nice dresser! And fifth: Yay Easton!

Elaine said...

ohhh little Easton going to pre school!! Glad you found one! How fun. Eli went and met with a teacher today for a screening and was so mad he didn't get to stay. It just kills him everytime Kate gets on the bus to go to school and he is stuck here! So fun! Hope you didn't cry!

amber schmidt said...

What a stud! I bet he loves it!


How fun! I bet he loves it. I think he looks super cute with that huge backpack. How are things going...have you moved in all the way...are you liking it there? Hope things are going good!

Mandy said...

What a little cutie, all studly walking in to school! Too cute! Oh, and who is the old one here? :)

tt moreno said...

you guys have a kid in preschool!!!!????

you are OLD!!!!

he is such a stud muffin

nicwoo said...

Be still my heart. No seriously, my heart just skipped a beat! Cochran, we have kids that are old!!