Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Idaho Steelheads Game

We haven't really been doing a lot and so I haven't really had anything to post in a while, but Saturday Jonny got us some hockey tickets. We went w/Gary and Tara and one of Jonny's friend from work and his wife. It was a lot fun to go out and have a date night. I was disappointed that the only fight that broke out was a pretty pathetic one. I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping for something at least somewhat aggressive, but oh well. We still had a good time.

In this pic I was trying to make it so my head didn't look huge next to Jonny's. This angle is never flattering and my trying to compensate didn't really help. haha



It looks like you guys had fun. Those games get crazy! You look cute in the picture. Have a good Thanksgiving!

nicwoo said...

Dates are fun. And needed! (...So when do you guys have your ultrasound? Have you checked in with the Moreno's lately :) )

Jen said...

So did the Steelheads win more importantly?! If you want to see some fights, check out our Salmon team....adolescent immaturity at it's finest!! We know how to deliver!

Scott and Jamie said...

Looks like you guys are having fun, hopefully the pregnancy is treating you good. Our address: 863 Bough Street, Whiteland, IN 46184.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!