Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Blessing #1: Tori

We took a fun trip to Salmon this weekend for the first of many baby blessings in our family. It was for my brother Brandon's baby, Tori. Him and his wife Jennie made it such a fun weekend for us. We got to stay in a cabin on a lake just outside of Salmon. It was too bad it rained pretty much all day Saturday, but we made the best out of it and still had fun!

A little rain didn't stop Brandon, my dad, and Jonny from taking a canoe trip. They were soaked when they got done!

These guys are insane!! They jumped in the freezing water. These are all my brothers and my sister. I'm the only sibling that didn't venture in. (My sis-in-law Jennie and even my nephew Conner also jumped in).

Easton saw eveyone else getting in the water and wanted to be a part of it and started stripping down his clothes saying, "Nakee!". We wouldn't let him but to help convince him it wouldn't be fun Jonny decided to let him dip his feet in.

He was pretty upset after that! Didn't like the cold water!

Donovan and my brother Preston's baby Taya getting ready to leave the cabin and go to church.

All three babies. Tori, Donovan, and Taya. So fun!
Thanks for the fun weekend Brandon and Jennie!!


nicwoo said...

Fun! Babies= Cute Everyone else= Crazy (for the polar dipping!)

Jennie said...

I love how Donovan and Taya's arms in the group shot...and of course, Tori's off on her own trying to decide if she's going to cry or not, haha! So glad you guys came and I hope the trip back was a little better!!

*BriTneY* said...

what a cute family we have! haha