Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Day

It has been so nice not having Jonny in school! We have been able to spend so much more time as a family. It was especially nice having a three day weekend. Jonny's parents were in town today and we went to Settler's Park w/them for a picnic and Easton LOVED the splash pad there. Sadly, I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pics. But it was tons of fun. Then we brought Easton home for a nap and had to say goodbye to Jonny's parents. After Easton's nap we decided to start enjoying our passes to Roaring Springs. Easton was so funny to watch. Last year when we'd go, he didn't really do a lot and was kind of a wuss, but today he got so into it!

Easton loved this slide and went down it over and over again.

I love how his hands are out trying to protect him from the water!

Such a cheeser!

This is Easton's attempt to swimming...he really did think he was swimming, though.

Donovan was an angel. This is all he did the whole time we were there.


amber schmidt said...

Fun! I can't wait to go!

*BriTneY* said...

Easton's so funny! Wish I was ready for the swimsuit season! Donovan looks so much chubbier!


How fun! I can't wait to go too! Looks like Easton and Donovan loved it...hehe!

Matt and Jodi Mitchell said...

I must know...How do you and Jen do your adorable Headers...Is it just in photoshop? You can email if you

Jennie said...

Su-weet onesy Donovan!! He has beefed up some. Him and Tori will have to arm wrestle, haha! Looks like so much fun and congrats on surviving through all that schooling. You deserve the family time.