Sunday, October 7, 2012


We got to go to Washington this summer to visit Jonny's family!!  We tried to jam as much as possible in during the time we were there and it was so fun!
For the first part of the week, Jonny and Easton went on a man hike w/some good friends and his dad and brother.  It was Easton first hike and I think it wore him out.  He told me I had fun but when I asked if he wanted to do it again he said, "no."  Haha.  He must take after his mama.

 Jonny has a family friend who makes his own kayaks and he took us out on the Puget Sound.  This is Jonny and Kevin.

 And Jonny has another family friend who has a boat and a house on the lake and is so awesome to take us out wakeboarding when we visit.  Jonny was SOO excited!!
 And the boys thought it was fun, too.  They loved being on the boat and watching Jonny wakeboard.

 Easton even went out on the tube w/Tyson and Kylie.  He loved it but got knocked off once and then it was over.
 Jonny's brother Tyson was so hilarious w/the boys.  He wrestled with them for quite a while and the loved it.

 Jonny really wanted to take the boys to one of the beaches he used to go to growing up at Fort Camby.  They all loved it so much and could've spent a whole week there.  Actually, Jonny could live there.

And then on the way home, we went through Astoria and stopped to eat.  When we got out of the truck, Jonny heard sea lions so we walked over to this pier thing and there were tons.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Easton just thought they stunk. 


Jennie said...

Nice air Jonny! And Easton on the beach!! He didn't even need a boat! Okay Donovan looks like a totally different kid.....couldn't be that we have totally missed him growing up or anything : ( thanks for posting!

Britney said...

So cute!! Little studs!!

nicwoo said...

Excuse me! You were practically in my back yard. I love it around these parts as well. You and your boys are so much fun.

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