Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby D's Birthday!

I will have to catch up on other stuff but for now I wanted to get the pics up from D's birthday!  My little man is 3!  And this year he decided that he wanted a Batman themed birthday.  So that's what he got.  We stayed up the night before and did a bit of decorating.  He was so cute cause he kept saying that he needed to go to bed so his birthday would come.  I love how excited he was!  Except when he woke up at 6 am.  :)

 He loved this batman balloon that was about the same size as him.

 Our spoiled little man got a new bike...

 ...and a new carseat, which he might actually be more excited about than the bike.  He thinks he's so old now.

 Easton liked the bike, too.

 And then later in the day we had a few friends over to help celebrate!  We decorated cupcakes, which has nothing to do with batman (or most boys probably) but my boys loved it!

 D didn't want to waste time putting his sprinkles on his cupcake.  He went straight for it.

 Enjoying his creation.

 The two little ones! 

 And since we decorated cupcakes, I didn't make a cake or anything so I made one of them batman-ish because D was set on having a batman cake (and pinata, but momma couldn't find that).

 And they played pin the batman sign on Batman.  I forgot to take pictures while they were actually playing the game.

We still have about 2 dozen cupcakes left over because I WAY over baked so if anyone wants to come visit us, you can have some!!


amber schmidt said...

He's soooo cute!!!! I can't believe he is three! We will be over for some cupcakes too! ;)

nicwoo said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday, Batman. You are such a good mom.