Monday, January 16, 2012


I found my two little munchkins in the linen closet like this one day. They had emptied the bottom shelf and decided to make their own bunkbeds. They're so innovative. :)

This year for Halloween, Easton was Ironman and D was Spiderman. They are still wearing their costumes.

Iron Man showing us some muscle.

Brits planned a fun ziplining trip w/Jonny and me. It was a first for me and pretty fun. It was in Provo Canyon and I can see how it would be more appealing in the forests of Mexico or somewhere exotic. haha

I have the funnest group of friends here! Once a month we have a game night and for October we did costumes! So fun! I found a sweet LITTLE ninja turtle number at the thrift store.
Two of my fav gals!!
A few more of my fav gals! :)

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