Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippoty Hop 2011!

We had a fun little Easter this year. It was a very "private" event since D was still sick. Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs and then while we were at church on Sunday the Easter bunny came and hid eggs and left goodies. Super fun!

Easton got really into dying eggs this year! He had tons of fun decorating them w/stickers.

D and Jonny helped for a bit but (as mentioned before) D was still sick. He went up to Jonny and snuggled right in and said "nie-nie". (night night aka, good night).

This was after the Easter bunny visited us. D found a few eggs and opened them and saw that they were full of candy and that was that for him. He spend the rest of the time eating the ones he already opened.

Easton however had a blast finding all the eggs. Here he is showing off his presents the Easter bunny left.

Hope ya'll had a great Easter, too!!


peckette said...

Looks like fun! Hope your baby gets better!

Jennie said...

So cute and that's the most pics I've seen of your place. Yeah even though you are getting rid of it, I'm still interested! Hope Don the mon is feeling better and next year....Easter at our place woot woot!

Brook and Jen said...

I am so glad you blog! Now we can stalk you even when you move away!