Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Christmas!

We had tons of fun for Christmas this year! We were spoiled cause we got to see both sides of the family this year. Easton was in Heaven! Jonny's fam came up a few days before Christmas and then I took Easton and Donovan to my parents house after Christmas (Jonny had to work). I forgot to take pics at my mom's house, but here are some from Christmas Day at our house. Jonny's fam opens presents on Christmas Eve and since they were w/us, we did it their way.

Here is Easton opening his first present on Christmas Eve. He was so funny opening presents. He was just ripping open every present in sight...it didn't matter who it was to.

Donovan opening his first present...kind of.

Easton helping Donovan out.

Christmas jammies!

Easton on Christmas morning w/his present from Santa.


Jennie said...

whaaaa? a new post that I didn't entirely read all the way through! so exciting!! the boys' jamas are adorable, and it was so fun to spend some of Christmas with you guys!

Britney said...

Adorable little guys! Wish I could've seen them open gifts!

Mandy said...

Awww! Looks like your Christmas was a lot of fun. Easton and Donovan are so cute - I wish we lived closer!

nicwoo said...

And it was nice your older could help your younger open his without qualms. ...What are we gonna do next year when that happens!!?? lol

Bill said...

Thanks for posting these Kara. We always love to see the kids. Dad