Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumkins and a Hair Cut!

With the swine flu going around, why not let your 3 year old ride the toy in WalMart?? But seriously, this was probably the best 50 cents we have ever spent. He LOVED it!

Last week, we decided to go to the pumkin patch. Too bad it was dark when we got there and too bad our camera died after we'd only been there 5 minutes. We still had fun, though.

And then last night we took the one pumkin we got from the pumkin patch and the other three we got from WalMart over to my brother Gary's house and carved pumkins w/them and Brandon and Jennie.

Donovan had fun even if he didn't get to help carve pumkins. He's always happy when food around! (No, that's not pumkins all over his face. Just peaches.)

Brandon make YUMMY Halloween cupcakes!

Tara is so good w/Easton and he ADORES her! She helped him carve out his own custom Easton design.

His was by far my favorite of all the pumkins!
Jonny is definitely the artist in our family...and such a perfectionist. He went w/the Boise State Bronco for his design.

Mine is the cat (as per Easton's request), Easton's, Donovan's (which my sis in law Jennie was kind enough to make), and Jonny's Bronco.

And then today I FINALLY took Easton in for a haircut...his first one done by someone who actually knows what they're doing. I took him to Monkey Dooz cause I thought that was my best bet to get him to actually sit threw it cause they have the cars for them to sit in. They had two options. A grey manly hummer and this...

A pink and purple barbie-style jeep. Obviously, he had to have it! (Notice his expression. He wasn't super excited to be getting his hair cut, but he took it like a man!)

And the end result! I hardly recognize him!

I did a faux hawk and told him his hair was like a dinosaur. That made his day.


Jaimee said...

Great pictures! Easton is such a stud! And you went dark! Fun fun... :o)

Suzie Koskella said...

What a cutie! I love his hair! He looks so big! :)

tt moreno said...

hahahha. I love easton's vehicle choice and that he was happy being told his hair looked like a dinosaur. I am so use to girly things i find that so HUMERUS!!!!!!!!!


I love his hair! What a cute little boy he is. I love that he is intouch with his femine side...the barbie car! It looks like you guys are having fun.

Jennie said...

I think his haircut is super cute! But Easton would probably look adorable bald.

mackenzie said...

Love his new hair cut he looks cute!