Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been a little while...

I finally loaded some pics from my camera onto my computer from the last few weeks, so this is a pretty random posts full of some of my favs from the last month or so.

Gary came over and played video games w/Jonny so of course Donovan had to get in on it!

Easton decided he wanted to be swaddled like Donovan and Jonny thought it'd be funny to do the rest (carseat, binky).

If you were to stop by our house randomly, this is most likely how you'd find Easton. Nothing but underwears!

Easton has decided that Donovan doesn't really get anything to himself. He literally scooted Donovan over so he could fit in and play.

D'Van after his bath. He LOVES his baths!

I was trying to get a pic of his cute slippers, but you can't really see them very well. They have cute duckies on them.

My cute boy! Loves his Bumbo!

I finished working out one day and went in the other room and came back and found Easton like this. Please note his sippy cup of milk in the cupholder cause nothing sounds better than milk when you're working up a sweat!

Grandma Cochran and Knight stopped by!

Jonny celebrated his 28th birthday so of course we had to have Transformers party hats to celebrate! Easton LOVED it!

And we're awesome parents. Let the guy next to lit candles hold the infant. Of course! But doesn't Donovan look adorable in the little party hat?

At the park. It was super hot so I was trying to get Baby D to drink some water from Easton's sippy cup. Didn't work, but he did like holding it.

And Easton at the park!


nicwoo said...

These are great! I think you guys are awesome parents!-And I'm glad I'm not the only one whose eldest is always chillin in skivvies.

amber schmidt said...

Tons of cute pics!! Thanks again for the other day!!! :)

Jennie said...

Easton is quite the individual. You must be laughing all day with that little guy around! And Donovan sure is a cute little munchkin! Can't wait to see them...someday, haha!

April said...

First of all...I hate that you are so freaking cute and have 2 kids. I don't have any kids (aside from dogs) and I never look as cute/hot as you. :-) Second, I WANT baby D! Third, that cake for Jonny's birthday looked AMAZING! Have to tell me how you made it/where you bought it. Fourth You are the family that makes me want to have kids. I look at you guys and LOVE your life. Thanks for 'inspiring' me. :-)Love ya TONS!