Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easton's Week

While I've been busy w/Donovan, Easton's been enjoying his toys, movies, and his grandparents. He hasn't seemed too jealous yet, but I have a feeling that once the grandmas go home, it'll be a little bit hard on him. But he's still been super cute and full of energy for them. Here's some pics of him from the last week.

He pretty much thinks that everything is his and makes himself at home with all of Donovan's stuff.

Grandpa helped him build a race track for his cars.

He wanted grandpa to hold him like Donovan.



You sure have two cute little boys. I'm glad Easton seems to be doing ok with Donovan. We moms always wonder how the older kids are going to handle the new addition. He'll do ok I'm sure. Those pics of Donovan in the previous post are too cute. What a handsome little guy. Cute Onesie too!

Britney said...

haha... that Easton cracks me up! Love the one of him in the car seat. Pretty sure he sat in Houston's car seat as well!

amber schmidt said...

I love all the pics! I can't beleive he is already 1 week old! He looks adorable!

Jessica said...

Easton is so darn cute! I LOVE his shaggy hair! I'm glad that he's enjoying his new baby brother, it only gets better!

nicwoo said...

What is it with that whole carseat thing?- too funny. And I'm a little slow these days, but I just realized Tina had her baby the 18, mine the 19, and yours the 20. Now that's what I call roomies for life :)