Sunday, August 24, 2008

This past week we got to go to Western Washington to visit Jonny's family. We were so excited to go spend a week with them camping on the beach and doing other fun stuff that we don't get to do here in Boise. However, the day after we got there it started raining and didn't stop until the day before we left! And on top of that, Easton got an ear infection in the middle of the week and was pretty sad the rest of the time. We were pretty sad. We did get to go camping one night and the last day some of their family friends took us wakeboarding. It was still really good to get to see them and even though it rained, we had a really good time! Here's some pics from the trip.

Grandpa playing w/Easton!

Easton's favorite part of the trip was the many times Grandpa let him "drive" his truck.

The day we went camping we went on a hike out on a spit that is 5 miles long and goes to a lighthouse. This was one of Jonny's favorite things from when he was younger, so he was really excited to go again. I am not a huge fan of hiking, but I figured it was really just walking 5 miles on a beach. I was very very wrong. It was cold and 5 miles is a lot longer than I thought. When we got to the lighthouse, it was neat, but not really worth the long hike. PLUS, once you do those five miles, you have to turn around and go back. No thanks! Anyway, this pic is of Jonny and Easton on the hike. Easton had it ruff. He's sleeping here. I wish I could've done it his way!

However, we got to see a baby seal up on the beach! This was my favorite thing of pretty much the whole trip! It was so neat and so cute!

Easton playing w/a stick.

Grandma and Easton

Jonny and Easton at the top of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse!

The baby seal was still there on the way back, so I had to get another pic of it! It was seriously so cute!

This is Jonny's dad using the wake skate. He's pretty good!

Easton was sick here, but wouldn't let us leave him so he came out on the boat w/us. He was in and out of sleep the whole time.

Jonny wakeboarding. He had SO much fun!

Me wakeboarding. I loved it! It was only my third time going and the other two times I don't remember it being so fun! I definitely wanna boat now!

On the way home we passed this HUGE waterfall (it's kinda hard to tell from the pic).


amber schmidt said...

Too bad it was rainy and Easton was sick! I can't beleive it was actually raining in Seattle... that's odd! At least you got to go wakeboarding though!

The Kynochs said...

I swear, every time we go to David's mom's house Davy gets sick too! It makes for a hard "vacation." It looks like you still had fun. Time to come to Rexburg right?!

Jennie said...

That looks way fun...I love Washington...totally jealous you have family there, not that - should when picking between Salmon or Rockland haha! I totally want to go on that hike too! So Jonny should take us next time haha!

*BriTneY* said...

love all the pics of easton sleepin, love the seal, and love.... uh, the other pics of easton! haha Maybe the hike would've been a little funner if I was there? yes... yes it would. jk

The Nielsens said...

oh, i'm bummed we were there together. we just miss you.